Theme - Relationships

Are you in a healthy relationship?

Do you know the warning signs?

Are you able to help your clients through some troubled times?

The theme is relationships, but as we know - this is not something that is taught to us in school. And if we go on the examples of our family, or our peers, are we really happy that we have learnt some fundamental skills?

From long distance love, to internet dating, to learning from the past, and understanding the need for growth ... this is a must have for anyone currently in a relationship!


Practice Evening Series

During the this series of evenings, we will use the ThetaHealing technique to discover some of the underlying issues around relationships, specifically any relationship you are currently involved in, or even your previous relationships that you are no longer involved in. You will be given introductory information, and then asked to write down your answers to specific questions. This will then allow you to consider your current position, or the position you were in, during your last or most recent relationship. At a certain point you will be given specific muscle tests, which you will use to find a starting point for your digging and belief work in the session.

Online via Zoom

Each practice evening will be run online using the Zoom platform. This means you can attend the evening without leaving the comfort of your own home. During this time of the global pandemic, you get to connect with others, without stressing about something that you might or might not catch by interacting with other people in person. Eventually, we will get back to being able to speak to each other in person, and give each other a hug, but for now, we can connect to others around the globe using this online technology.